Design Coursework

Various projects from the course Design Strategy and Software at Boston University.

This was a final project for the class, a recreation of design elements for our favorite album. There were four deliverables: a tour poster, an album cover, a CD mockup, and an Instagram post promoting the tour.

I used the same color palette as some of the work for the Now, Not Yet album by half•alive and added a 1920s-inspired touch to the pieces.

This project was a single-word logo creation for a company of our choice. I created a dog food brand called Unleash.

This project was to create two layouts for a section of a song: the first using a very traditional approach with ample white space and the second being a creative free-for-all while still using good design practices we learned in class.

I went for a portion of the song erase me by Lizzy McAlpine