What’s Bringing Me Joy in June 2022

We’re taking a material turn today to reminisce on five things that made my June to distract from the heartbreaking insanity that is the United States right now. I haven’t written a blog post about my favorite items since the summer of 2020, and while it’s not saving the world, I like to share what’s been bringing me joy recently.

  1. Iced Matcha Lattes

Call me basic, but I’m obsessed with matcha lattes. Are these good for me? Probably not. But I’m always in the mood for one. My go-to order is getting a matcha latte with oat milk (if the place has it). While I think always think they could use a bit more matcha flavor, I usually get the Starbucks ones for convenience. I’ll sometimes get them from boba shops too, and they’ll have more matcha flavor.

  1. English muffins
an english muffin sandwich with an egg and cheese

English muffins were not a part of my breakfast routine during the school year as I always preferred toasting a bagel in the dining hall instead, but I started buying English muffins and I’m hooked. I’ll eat them with peanut butter and honey or with an egg and cheese as an easy breakfast before class.

  1. Platform High Top Converse
my beloved pink amethyst platform high top converse

I bought this pair back in April, but I’ve especially been wearing them more and more as it has gotten warmer and my docs aren’t as summery anymore. This was also the first pair I’ve bought myself as my old ones were four or five years old from my parents, so it was time for a new one. And this pair, in the color pink amethyst, matches almost perfectly with my wardrobe because I wear a lot of pink, purple, and green, I noticed. I was hesitant to get a shoe that wasn’t black or white, especially because I likely wouldn’t buy another pair for another few years, but I’m a certified colorful wardrobe girl, so it was meant to be this way.

  1. Cherry Tote Bag
my hot girl cherry tote

This is my hot girl cherry tote, to be said with the pizzaz of a TikToker showing off their hot girl tote bag with the essentials for a hot girl summer. However, in my case, it’s just normal girl trying to get through the summer with my tote bag conveniently on my side. I’ve had this bag for over a decade since I was a kid, and it’s still coming in handy for my day trips around Boston when I might want to hold more than the size of my small crossbody purse. It holds my EDC (everyday carry) as well as a book and water bottle depending on the agenda for the day.

  1. All the music
my june spotify receipt, also includes more songs I was very into this month beside my list below

We can’t talk about favorite things without mentioning some music that brought joy this month. In May, I went through more of a podcast phase than normal and didn’t listen to a lot of music, but I’ve picked it up again in June and here were my top five favorite songs to play on repeat. The “closer to closure” EP by Lexi Jayde (more than one song but I couldn’t not include the whole EP), “Strawberry Sunscreen” by Lostboycrow, “Before” by Niki (immensely excited for her new album in the fall), “Cate’s Brother” by Maisie Peters, and “madhouse” by Matt Maltese. They’re not all new songs, but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying them this month. I’d also like to give an honorary mention to the Harry’s House album that’s slowly turning me into a Harry Styles convert.

Speaking of honorable mentions … here are a few more things that will forever remind me of June 2022: using eye drops to help my summer allergies, cooking lunches with my friend from a meal plan we tried out, and appreciating the end of my experience as a co-op at the Globe.

Now that the first half of 2022 is over, I’m looking forward to more months of finding the little things that make me happy when everything else is on fire.

Let me know what some of your favorite things were this month and thanks for reading!