Bullet Journal Flip Through

Coincidentally, the end of my current journal coincides with the end of summer vacation. It’s a bit sad to see this journal go because I’ve been so attached to it when quarantine/self-isolation times began, but with a new school year comes a lot of new things. One of which is a new bullet journal.

With this older journal, I put practically anything and everything in there. Weekly spreads, project ideas, doodles, journal entries, notes, and more. Because I know I am going to be busier and will probably have less free time on my hands, I wanted to make my new journal more concise. So, the next journal will only be used for weekly spreads, to-do lists, and random notes. I need to find another notebook for the every-now-and-then stream of consciousness writing.

With all that in mind, I thought I would share my weekly spreads from this journal before I start the new one. Hopefully, I can share some inspiration (even though a lot of these spreads were already inspired by other people and pages I saw on Pinterest).

If you want to see my bullet journal set-up for September and the new school year, you can watch it here!

These first few weeks of self-isolation were a lot of boredom and weird feelings. At this point, I also hadn’t realized that this bullet journal could be a pseudo-scrapbooking moment, so the design is extremely minimalistic, but it worked for the time being.

By now, I was trying out a new layout and beginning to add more embellishments to give the spreads more character and personalization.

These were some of my favorite because I finally realized that I could make the pages more fun with scrapbook paper and washi tape.

Oddly enough, once school ended, I kind of took a break from journaling for two weeks. I did make spreads (I think I only skipped one week entirely), but I wasn’t really filling it out consistently, just putting words in as an afterthought.

Part of me thinks that it was because the book was tied to school for me and I was trying to have a summer away from my desk. But, obviously, there wasn’t much to do and creating the journal spreads every Sunday was very therapeutic, so I went back.

The layout of the spreads tend to change based on the week. In the beginning when I was scheduling Zoom calls into my life, the hourly schedule worked well, but as the months went on, they were less frequent and necessary for me to track events that day. I went back to a standard to-do list for the majority of my recent spreads.

Now that school is going back, I might move back to the hourly schedule. Though, I also use my Google Calendar frequently for more broad events, so that could just do the trick instead. I need to do a few weeks of school to really gauge what layout works best for my schedule.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe.