2020 Summer Favorites

As what feels like the longest summer ever is coming to a close. Sure, it wasn’t anything like anyone had hoped, but it was enjoyable to spend with my family and really start to think about where I am going with my future career.

My first year of college starts in about a week, so I thought that I would do a bit of reminiscing and share my favorites from the summer.


For the first category, I have one item: Physician’s Formula Rosé All Day Highlighter in the Petal Glow shade. I’ve just started to get into makeup at the beginning of summer vacation, and this highlighter is my favorite product in the set that I’ve collected over the past few months.

The color that I purchased leaves a pink shine that is unlike a regular highlighter, but I find that I can still use it as a pseudo-shimmery blush, and it looks pretty as an eyeshadow too.


Both of my fashion items are shorts because in Washington, the only time of year to wear shorts is in the summer. The rest of the months are too cold or too rainy. So, unless you are those that I see wearing shorts in the dead of winter, who I guess have no sense of temperature, summer is the time for shorts.

These pinkish salmon colored shorts are by far my favorite overall. They are a fun color, and the one pair of Converse shoes that I own in a darker magenta color match quite well.

The second pair of shorts are a new purchase of mine, but these striped shorts are so fun and a newer style that I am trying to emulate. The button fly is also unique in my wardrobe. I think with these shorts I am also slowly getting closer to the style in my Pinterest boards that I always wished to be.

Most of the summer has been me wearing the same pink shorts with a random t-shirt and calling it a good day.


This has been my journal the entire summer. It is a cheap sketchbook from the craft store that I got a few Christmases ago and just started using more extensively. This journal has been the home to my weekly to-do list spreads, stream-of-conscious journaling, art journal spreads, and the occasional actual art sketch. With the end of summer, I have finished this sketchbook, so I will be moving onto another one for my bullet journaling for the new school year.

While this is my holy grail the whole year round, the Pilot G2 Gel Pens still deserve a spot on the summer list. These pens write so smoothly and are so satisfying to write with that I would include them in every favorites collection if I could.

Another newer purchase of mine but a quick summer favorite are the Zebra Mildliner highlighters. I’m sure you’ve seen these highlighters everywhere because they have become such an iconic stationery item for their pastel shades. I just got my hands on a set, and they are really a great set of markers. Even earlier in the summer before I purchased my own, I was borrowing my sister’s set for my journal because the colors just always fit so well. The color schemes that I put together for my journal spreads just demand something other than the florescent highlighters, I guess.


At the start of summer vacation for me, The Politician season 2 was released on Netflix and I was quick to binge the season in two days. Without giving spoilers, it was just as amusing and scheming and far-fetched as the first season. If you haven’t seen either seasons yet, I definitely recommend giving them a watch.

The other show that blew my mind away this summer was the second season of The Umbrella Academy. It might be unfair that these are both shows that I already enjoyed from the first season, but I didn’t watch that many TV shows and these are still solid Netflix series.

With The Umbrella Academy, it was the action and twists and turns in the plot line that got me on the edge of my seat. Also, the combinations of their characters is always interesting to follow.


While we weren’t able to do as much this summer, as you all know by now, there were still some memorable experiences that I thought I’d recount.

Going to Westport to crab for the first time in a long time was lots of fun. We only caught one keeper, and we all kind of got sunburnt, but it was a great time to be out with family. If you’re interested, I filmed a bit of the day which you can watch here.

Other than that, my family and I spent a lot of our time at home and it was still a blast. This was my last summer at home before college, so just spending it family was really nice, even if we were doing nothing at home.

Those are all of my Summer 2020 Favorites. Tell me a few of yours in the comments!

Thanks for reading and stay safe.