A Small Winter Poems Collection

I wrote a couple cheesy poems for the winter season. If you are interested in a visual representation of these poems, I made an accompanying video on my youtube channel.

winter ice

It is difficult to climb an ice cube.

You take a trek But it’s cold and slippery

And once you reach the top

It’s only falling back down

Melting melting melting.

Winter ice is unpredictable

Flames border its tranquil cold

Swaying in the wind

Watching what it can destroy

Awaiting the chance to make water

Out of ice ice ice.

The weather changes, though,

Warm turns to cool

Hot to cold

And everything rebuilds

But this time is different

The shape has altered

And the cube is no longer a cube

But a puddle ready To be new again again again.

do you have holiday cheer?

Do you have holiday cheer?

Did it make you smile?

Did you follow the reindeer

that had red christmas style?

Did you see the lights

hung on houses and trees?

Are there cold winter nights

all bundled up so you wouldn’t freeze?

Was your family around?

Did you give more than you received?

Did you sing carols with bright sound?

Could you believe what you achieved?

Did snowflakes fall from the sky onto the street?

Or were they scared away by the new year?

Did you eat cookies soft and sweet?

Now, does that mean you have holiday cheer?

Thanks for reading!