Passion Projects?

If you wanted to know what goes on inside my head all the time (cue Inside Out sequence), it’s just a lot of random project ideas.

For some reason, especially when I’m procrastinating something else, I’ll always have random creative projects that get me going and want to make them. Then, they turn into this fantasy of a passion project that I want to create and make it my entire life for the rest of my life. But then, reality hits, and I end up with a Google Doc with some quick notes about the idea but no way to actually execute them.

Passion projects are a weird term for me. I don’t think I’ve ever had one that I devoted 100% of my time into, but the problem is that I really want one. I’m on the search for a creative project separate from school that can fill my time and make me want to be creative again.

I had one of those mini creative project ideas that I’ve been stuck on for a couple of weeks now, and I’m in the process of defining that idea because I think this is something I actually want to start and pour time into.

Time is a weird thing for me too. Most like everyone in the universe, we are constantly on the search for more time, but there really is no way to make more time in a day to do whatever in the world you are trying to do. Time delegation and management are two goals of mine for the start of my senior year of high school. There are way too many things that I need to balance, and if I want to start a so-called passion project, I’ll need to delegate time for that too.

Just as a teaser to what I’ll hopefully have done and ready to promote in the coming months, I’m working on a type of short-form content which is in the audio form. I see and listen to all of these podcasts and short informational videos on Instagram and YouTube, and it always makes me want to try something like that.

As of now, I am planning to do some sort of multimedia journalism in my higher education, and I think this will be a good gateway and introduction into something like that. So, I’m working on a podcast that will be on the shorter side, educational, and a little bit weird, because all my content is a little on the odd side (in my opinion, at least. This may just be coming from my idea that everything I do has this awkward teenager feel. Who knows…?).

Posts are going to be on the rarer side (as if they already weren’t) because school is starting and I’m trying to start new forms of content, but I hope to write soon.

Thanks for reading, take care, and

Peace out, party people.