Spontaneous Trips and Songs

30 Day Video Challenge Written Telling of Day 20

July 8, 2019

Our adventure started late in the day. The morning was quite lazy at home, and we had not planned for us all to go out. Nonetheless, the parents wanted to go out, and the kids decided to tag along. It was better than staying at home, they concluded, even though there were things to do in the house. So, off they went.

We, first, went to the Goodwill Outlet to look for some cool findings. I found a flannel and a really nice and intact Calvin Klein suit. It was one of the best finds. Since it is an outlet, everything is in these giant blue bins, and you have to dig through with gloves to find the good pieces. Then, most everything is priced by the pound, so it usually comes out to be extremely cheap compared to what you’re finding. Just make sure to wash and clean everything very well when you get home and all will be great.

After our Goodwill search, we decided that we weren’t going to go home just yet. My parents pretty much always pack the fishing poles and tackle in the trunk for occasions where we may or may not come across a lake, and this was one of those days. 

My mom found an area called Alder Park, which had a lake to fish in, so we headed in that direction with road trip snacks from the nearest gas station market. It was a long drive that took us a while to figure out where the entrance was, but after it was found, we were pleasantly surprised at the area. 

This evening, there weren’t many people at the park, so it felt open and decently quiet. There was a swimming area and a rocky shore adjacent to each other to fish off of. So, after we scoped the area, we grabbed our gear and headed to the rocks.

I spent most of my time sitting in one of the tripod chairs and holding the fishing pole between my knees while looking out at the scenery and reading on my phone. It was a beautiful park that, for some reason or another, had a lot of cut tree trunk roots along the edges. 

Once eight o’clock rolled around, we decided to head home because we did not catch any fish, and it was getting late. We packed our things and left the park. The car ride home was a whole other experience in itself. The entire family was singing to songs from the 80s and musicals to pass the time on our long drive to a pho restaurant for dinner. We were loud and singing terribly, but it was a good time nonetheless. It also tested our song lyric knowledge, that was severely lacking some words here and there in every song we sang.

The video of our trip is below.

Spontaneous Trips and Songs

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