Mother-Daughter Fishing Time

30 Day Video Challenge Written Telling of Day 19

July 7, 2019

Today’s video was a vlog of my mom and I going out fishing in the evening. I was busy in the morning when the rest of the family went fishing at another lake, but my mom was the only one not tired. She was ready to go out and catch a trout, and I admire her spirit.

Originally we had planned to go to Black Lake, but they were holding boat races out of the boat launch where people could fish, so we moved on to the next closest fishing spot, Millersylvania State Park’s Deep Lake.

Once we had gotten a spot on the dock, I was feeling pretty good about our chances of catching a fish. I don’t really go fishing out as much as I should, but when I do go out, I really want to catch something. My mom obviously wanted to catch a trout too.

Since I don’t know too much about fishing and tackle, my mom did most of the work setting up my pole and each of the rigs to catch a trout. The lake was supposedly stocked with trout and bass. However, no one else on the dock was catching anything either, so maybe it was just a bad day for fishing.

While we were sitting patiently waiting for fish, I just talked a bunch and played Tetris on my mom’s phone. My phone doesn’t have enough storage space to download games. I already have too many other not game apps. (Side tangent: Pinterest, Spotify, Google Docs, and Flipboard are crucial apps for my phone that take up way too much space.) I talked about college and places that I’m thinking of applying for. It’s really all I’ve been thinking and talking about recently. 

This summer vacation has been a great break from the stress of school work, but I can’t help but just still only think about school. Granted, it is college and future plans, but part of my education nonetheless.

My mom caught all of the fish throughout our couple of hours on the dock. She caught two small pumpkin seed fish and one trout. We released the small fish and kept the trout. It wasn’t big enough to eat, but it’ll make pretty good crab bait for the next time we go crabbing. I had high hopes to catch a fish too, but, alas, no avail. There’s always next time. My family actually goes out fishing quite often, so more opportunity to catch a fish. You can’t expect to catch a fish if you don’t put your hook into the water, is what my dad says when he’s trying to convince me to come out of my hole in the house to go fishing. My big goal is to catch a salmon, whenever that season starts and gets into full gear this summer.

Overall, it was a good evening spent with my mom, and maybe we’ll get to do it again.

You can watch the video of us at the lake below.

Thanks for reading!

Mother-Daughter Fishing Time at Millersylvania State Park