Challenging Myself Even More

To put you in the loop of things, I, with my sister and dad, are doing a 30 Day Video Challenge (trademark). We have been posting an at least one minute-long video to YouTube for the past 19 days as we go through the challenge. The whole thing is mostly an attempt to test our time management, creativity, and learning opportunity for video editing and running an online presence between YouTube and Instagram. 

The challenge, in my opinion, has been going very well, and it’s giving me something to do with my summer vacation. It’s really keeping me busy, with having to be responsible to film, edit, and come up with video ideas so I don’t lose the challenge. The winner–determined if you post for 30 days straight–between the three of us will have bragging rights over the fact that they finished. The entire affair is actually really fun to do, and I’m excited to finish out the last 11 days. Speaking of which…

For the last 11 days of the challenge, I plan on writing some additional commentary about each video I post. I realized I don’t really post on this blog unless I have a good topic to write about, but I think a good starting point to making blog writing a part of my daily routine is to write about what I am posting. The next latest post will be a written telling of the video I posted today, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Thanks for reading!