Introducing the Writer

Starting a blog seems like it would be something so simple. With social media applications such as Twitter and Tumblr (which I guess I’ll eventually get an account for too), blogging and dumping your thoughts out into the world seems so easy. There’s an infinite amount of things you could say to the millions of people that occupy space on the internet. And, as much as millions of people may seem, there’s really not much to it. Once again, it’s simple.

Well, I, Madison, the writer of this blog, beg to differ. I think it takes a whole bucket-and-a-half to write so freely on the internet not knowing what’s in store, even if you know the only people that are going to read this are your family members. This is especially true because I am not really the most outgoing, confident type.

However, starting a blog is something new and exciting, and it would give me something to do in my free time, which, by the way, is rare. As a student in high school, going onto my senior year, I never really had much free time this past school year, but I think I’m going to use this blog as an expressive, destressing point in my life (à la the brain dump I describe this blog as). It’s been a busy junior year of three AP classes, starting a newspaper at my high school, club commitments, studying for the SAT, and starting a job. Maybe this blog is just what I need to get my thoughts out on paper, but not on paper because who writes with a pen anymore. We are environmentally friendly in this household (why did I say it like that?).

You might also be wondering what the Don’t Make Lies name is from. It’s less of a funny story now that the phase has become a regular at my house for over a year now. Don’t Make Lies started as an inside joke, and, now, it’s kind of my whole brand. I’m also working on a full logo and brand identity which can all be another post/video.

Going back to my original point, starting a blog can’t be too difficult. I consider myself a pretty decent writer, and I could always get better. There are so many words I don’t know and so many different ways to change the syntax in my sentences and maybe add in a sprinkle of anecdotes and polysyndeton (both writing devices that I’ve been using forever without knowing the name of, which I learned in AP Lang this year). Someone’s writing style always changes too. The way I wrote in middle school is drastically different than the way that I write now, the way I’m writing this blog post. The English language is ever changing, and maybe I’ll get into this subject in a later post, but what I’m trying to say is: this blog is also just a place for me to practice my writing. I could write sort of silly posts like this introductory one, a narrative about a dystopian society, a news story that I just want to cover, a weird research topic, or a refined version of the long list of unfinished screenplays that I always write. The possibilities are absolutely endless.

I want to take you, the reader, on the ride whatever nonsense goes on in my head. It’ll be a fun time indeed.