Madison Mercado is a student journalist based in Boston, MA and Olympia, WA.

She studies Journalism and International Relations at Boston University, expected to graduate in May 2024.

Check out her portfolio and blog below!

Latest Blog Posts

I’m Really a College Student Now

A quick reflection on my freshman year of college. It’s almost a month since I finished my freshman year of college, and I’m finding it difficult to generalize the year in a few words. It would be wrong to say that it was “the best and one for the books” or “the worst school year…

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Bittersweet Holidays: My First Lunar New Year Away from Home

Repost of my article published for Her Campus BU on February 19, 2021. You can read it on their website here too. As expected, moving 3,000 miles away from home for college means that you are going to miss a lot of family time. With that, you also miss many family holiday celebrations. The Lunar New…

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A Step into the Recent Past: HBO Max’s Locked Down Review

A Film Review from your Average Jane Doe No. 2 Watching HBO Max’s new movie, Locked Down, felt like entering a time machine to the past, but the past was only less than a year ago and we’re still living through that same ~unprecedented~ time. Spoilers Ahead! If you haven’t watched this movie and care…

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Starting the new semester right.

Amidst my first New England winter, the spring semester has begun. It is very cold and snowy in Boston, and it’s the first time I’ve experienced single-digit temperatures outside. That was how I spent my first week. (AND a Nor’easter is coming in later today, which could end up being the most snow I’ve ever…

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